Runners that fuel properly can improve their half marathon and marathon race times by up to 20%.

Fuel My Run is the only app that helps runners nail their fueling.

"Fuel My Run answers the two most important questions about fueling for long races: how much and when? Just choose your fuel and let the app do the rest – say goodbye to hitting the wall in your next race!"

Jason Fitzgerald
Strength Running - Running Coach

rsz_itunesartwork-1 (1)Fuel My Run is the first running app that lets you track your workouts, while helping you take in enough fuel to finish your run strong.

  • Sync and share your workouts with your RunKeeper or MapMyRun account.
  • Eliminate guess work by getting audio fuel reminders at specific times or distances.
  • Simulate the fueling plan for your upcoming race.
  • Track the distance, workout time, splits and pace of your run to monitor your progress.
  • Fueling plans for half marathon and marathons distances.
  • Know exactly how many carbohydrates you consumed on each run.

My Marathon Fueling Disaster

Hi. I'm Mark Kennedy.

I ran my first marathon in Dublin, Ireland in 2008. While I trained hard, I didn’t know what I was doing. At approximately the 30 km mark, I ran out of energy. Runners call this “hitting the wall”. I had no fueling strategy and thought relying solely on the sports drink offered at the race aid stations would suffice. I was wrong. Read more...

Listen to the background story of how Fuel My Run came to be: Listen here...

Easily Syncs With

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Ready to use fueling plans.

Don't know where to start? Fuel My Run provides fueling plans for half marathon and marathon distances.



Brock Skywalker Armstrong , Skywalker Fitness - Marathon & Triathlon Coach

“The old adage “failure to plan is a plan to fail” is a good one for any marathon training program and it applies to fueling as well. The app Fuel My Run has given me the ability to create, test and tweak my fueling plan so I have all the guess work eliminated before race day.”

Matt Johnson, Runner Academy - Running Coach and Podcast Host

"It can be all too easy to forget when to fuel when training. This app removes that potential mistake and lets you really dial in on what works for you. By being able to track how you fuel and feel during your training you can line up on race day confident and ready to execute your plan having actually ran it beforehand and knowing how your body feels at various points. I'll be recommending this app to the runners I coach."

Simulate your next race.

Create custom fueling plans to mimic your upcoming race. Get voice fueling reminders at the exactly the same distances and times you want to fuel in your race.



Track your stats.

Fuel My Run keeps record of your fueling data and how you felt for every run. Also get essential running data - distance, time and pace.